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As long as an organization has employees, it needs someone to be responsible for Human Resources. We all know that Human Resources, along with government compliance, has gotten more complicated over the years. Not having a knowledgeable HR professional could result in disaster. Advise-HR LLC provides cost-effective solutions to organizations that have interim HR needs, or are not yet large enough to justify a full-time professional.

Most small organizations have, and need, daily administrative support either through an office manager or administrative professional. Unfortunately, an employee at this level does not usually have detailed knowledge to deal with the more advanced issues. Advise-HR is a small business and specializes in small business.

Advise-HR LLC offers four services.
• Human Resources Management Services – on-site/off-site for a specific number of hours per week/month to manage administrative staff and more complicated HR issues.
• Consulting Services – for organizations that need to identify and address specific HR issues through resolution.
• Auditing Services – an HR audit identifies what organizations are doing right or wrong when it comes to good business practices and compliance. It’s better to know compliance issues before the government decides to audit. That would be like putting safety glasses on after getting hit in the eye. Advise-HR has clients with as many as 600 employees that we review annually.
• HR Basic Essentials – every organization needs a legal job application, job descriptions, and a host of other documents and reporting guidelines. Advise-HR has identified the basic requirements and will tailor them to your specific needs, as well as train the current staff on how to administer each.

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The consequences resulting from not managing Human Resources is too high to leave to chance.

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Doug Pepin / SHRM-CP

Helping organizations reduce risk while Improving the well-being of human capital.

As a business owner, knowing what to look for is extremely important in every discipline. The costs of poor HR practices touches all aspects and phases of business. Come and learn how HR, good and bad, can impact your bottom line.

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