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Employee Handbooks Not Required

An employee handbook is not a legal requirement but serves as a great tool to communicate important information as it relates to legally required information. When I teach learning sessions about compliance, I provide an extensive list of topics that are legally required. I also provide a list of items that will help employers defend themselves in discrimination and harassment suits, or are just good business practices to provide a good working relationship with their employees. Keeping employees happy also keeps them from filing complaints. A well-written employee handbook addresses or communicates about a third of the compliance topics either in part or in full.
An employee handbook is also a great tool to highlight company rules, expectations, and benefits. Examples include: attendance policy, vacation/PTO policy, IT policy, phone use policy, pay policies, etc. Even though not required, no employer should go without an employee handbook. They are the most cost-effective way for employers to communicate employment-related information.



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