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Employee Handbooks Not Required

An employee handbook is not a legal requirement but serves as a great tool to communicate important information as it relates to legally required information. When I teach learning sessions about compliance, I provide an extensive list of topics that are legally required. I also provide a list of items that will help employers defend […]

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Annual third-party HR Audits are recommended by The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

How is HR viewed in your organization? Do you know if the HR staff is keeping up on new regulations and meeting all existing legal requirements? Do you know if they are performing all internal company programs to the standards of the organization? Maybe the HR staff’s push for compliance has been stifled at a […]

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Conditional Job Offers are an Important Part of the Hiring Process

At the very least, an actual job offer should be put in writing. A conditional job offer better protects the organization during the hiring process. You‘ve found what appears to be a great candidate, but there is still work to do. Your company requires a drug test, a background check, a signed non-solicitation/confidentiality agreement, proof […]

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Vital Points To Keep In Mind About OSHA Log Reporting

If you are responsible for safety and OSHA reporting, you may want to read this. The complex world of business compliance could be made a bit simpler after reading this article. Here are some points that business owners might miss when preparing their OSHA log reporting. The truth is that the penalties could be significant […]

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“The Voice” in Interviewing

I keep wondering if interviews using “The Voice” format would result in different candidate selections. The Voice is a singing show where judges listen to the contestants without being able to see them. They turn their chairs when they want the singer to join their team, having chosen them based solely on the voice they […]

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If You Don’t Hear The Noise


If you don’t hear the “noise” in your organization, you aren’t listening! Every organization has “noise”. I saw a pyramid chart the other day called the “Iceberg of Ignorance”, which would shock most business owners and/or executives. I’m inclined to rename it the “Iceberg of Arrogance”. The chart shows an iceberg and a waterline at […]

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