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Human Resources Management Services

We manage the human resources functions for organizations that are in transition or not yet big enough to justify a full-time HR leader. We have the tools and expertise in managing human resources in Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare and Service industries. You see, even though organizations are each unique, the human resources essentials are the same.

To us, the model is simple: introduce and implement the basic HR Essentials, hire lower-cost administrative staff (or use existing staff members) to deal with the everyday HR functions, and then have our highly skilled HR professional work on-site a limited number of hours per week to keep everything on track and handle higher level issues. Of course, this same professional is available during regular business hours even though they may not be on site. Working together, we will ensure that all your HR needs are met and your organization will be business compliant.

Increases in productivity and reduced risks in compliance can more than pay for the cost of services.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment please complete the contact form or call directly at 651-888-1113


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