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I have been in manufacturing operations for years and have recently moved to the role of Human Resources Manager. Our insurance broker highly recommended and arranged for Advise-HR to perform a complete audit from a business and compliance perspective when I took on this new role. Let’s just say that the potential risks were higher than we expected. Advise-HR provided a detailed summary of suggested improvements as well as a realistic and cost-effective plan of action. It wasn’t so much of what we were doing; it was more about what we weren’t doing. We now have all the necessary HR essentials in place. Thanks to Advise-HR, we are now on track!
Rob Schroeder, Human Resources Manager
NCCM Corporation

Doug handled all the employment law, workers comp issues, employee benefits, safety and training aspects and wrote an employee manual for the company. He has a broad knowledge of human resources topics.
Cathy Longtin, Controller
Federal Foam Technologies, Inc.

As a business owner who was busy growing my business, I did not pay attention, nor did I really care about the ins and outs of human resources. However, as the business grew, I too grew aware of the importance of HR. Soon after, Doug was hired to build our Human Resources Department.
Rob Hamme, CEO
Carlson Building Maintenance, Inc.

As the director of a small nonprofit organization, I have greatly appreciated Doug’s HR expertise and assistance. His guidance has been critical to our growth into a larger and more sustainable organization. Through an informal audit, he created a concrete and realistic plan to develop our HR process and documents to ensure that we are compliant and working efficiently and effectively. I continue to be impressed with Doug’s depth of knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to the success of his clients. I recommend Doug enthusiastically and without reservation.
Kara VanderKamp
Remember Niger Coalition


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